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Include Me 2 Club 

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Include Me 2 Club is a registered charity based in Barrhead, providing key services to communities in East Renfrewshire and Glasgow.


Our ambition remains to create a community where people, no matter their age or abilities, are treated equally and fairly, and are supported to achieve their goals and ambitions - to work, live and take part in their communities as valued members. We have a passion for engaging, inspiring, empowering and connecting people, place, assets and community to bring about change, opportunity and inclusion.


We continue to focus our work on serving anyone with an additional support need, learning, physical disability, or mental health condition, suffering isolation or loneliness whatever their age. We believe in being a constant in our members lives, through key stages and transitions, providing a pathway for a sustained and built relationships.


We believe that with being brave, we can tackle the barriers, challenges, and obstacles our members face, which will enable us to create, design and develop unique opportunities to engage and lead the change that our key stakeholders require to lead active and fulfilling lives.


"We believe that every adult has the right to be included, respected and empowered to be an active member of their communities and society."

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